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六下 Unit1-Unit4 默写

Unit1 - Unit2

1.又大又壮big and strong
2.小声地说say quietly
3.又小又弱small and weak
4.大声地笑laugh loudly
5.开心地玩play happily
6.走过,路过walk by
7.把他吵醒wake him up
8.某一天some day
9.用大网抓住狮子catch the lion with a large net
10.用他的利牙咬网bite the net with his sharp teeth
11.出去get out / go out
12.弄个洞make a hole
13.成为朋友become friends
14.伤心地问ask sadly
15.为他们大声欢呼cheer for them
16.第二天the next day
17.跑得快run fast
18.从那时起from then on
19.激动地交谈talk excitedly
20.安静地阅读read quietly
21.带他去一间办公室take him to an office
22.从不晚睡觉never go to bed late
23.完成他的家庭作业finish his homework
24.刷他的牙brush his teeth
25.听他的老师们讲listen to his teachers
26.感觉很困feel sleepy
27.走得慢walk slowly
28.唱得难听sing badly
30.昨夜last night/yesterday evening
31.准时on time
32.走进客厅go into the living room
33.狮子很生气,想要吃掉老鼠。The lion was angry and wanted to eat the mouse.
34.Sam 和 Bobby 正在开心地打乒乓球.Sam and Bobby are playing table tennis happily
35.Sam 太兴奋了,他用力地击球。Sam is too excited and hits the ball hard.
36.他很快地拿来一些水并倒进洞里。He brings some water quickly and pours it into the hole.
37.你昨夜睡觉晚吗?Did you go to bed late last night/yesterday evening?
38.我现在不困。I am not sleepy now.
39.这是谁的卧室?是我兄弟的。Whose bedroom is this? I's my brother's.
40.你应该把你的书和玩具有序摆放。You should put your books and toys in order.
41.让我带你参观我们的家。Let me show you around our house.
42.她喜欢在睡前看书。She likes reading books before bedtime.

Unit3 - Unit4

1.一个健康的饮食a healtly diet
2.喝一点水drink a litte water
3.吃几个鸡蛋have a few eggs
4.需要许多大米need a lot of rice
5.喜欢吃冰淇淋like eating ice cream
6.吃些面包have some bread
7.吃些鱼have some fish
8.每周every week
9.吃许多面条have a lot of noodles
10.一点米饭a little rice
11.喜欢甜食like sweet food
12.一次at a time
13.吃些水果have some fruit
14.一只小老鼠a little mouse
15.不得不去超市have to go to the supermarket
16.想要和我起来want to come with me
17.一些饮料some drinks
18.休息have a rest
19.马路安全road safty
20.遵守规则follow the rules
21.许多繁忙的道路many busy roads
22.安全地穿过他们cross them safely
23.寻找一条斑马线look for a zebra crossng
24.看着交通灯look at the traffic lights
25.等待绿灯wait for the green man
26.为了保持安全to keep safe
27.在人行道上等待wait on the pavement
28.当心汽车和自行车look out for cars and bikes
29.和其他人一起with other people
30.容易看见你see you easily
31.到你家get to your home/house
32.上公交车get on the bus
33.他们午餐吃些蔬菜和米饭。They have some vegetables and rice for lunch.
34.他晚餐吃了几个鸡蛋,喝了点水。He has a few eggs and a little water for supper.
35.冰箱里没有很多食物。我得去超市了。There is not much food in the fridge. I have to go to the supermarket.
36.你不应该喝太多的可乐。You shouldn't drink too much cola.
37.你可以寻找一条斑 马线。You can look for a zebra crossing.
38.你必须先看交通信号灯。You must look at the traffic lights first.
39.你现在可以安全地穿过马路了。You can cross the road safely now.
40.我们必须停下来等。We must stop and wait.
41.你不可以在马路上跑得快。You mustn't run fast/quickly on the road.
42.马路上有如此多的汽车。There are so many cars on the road.