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英语任务单 6A Unit 8 Chinese New Year

🏷️ 英语 英语任务单 6A

Word time 核心词汇

11Hong Kong香港

Phrase time 核心词组

1at Chinese New Year中国新年
2get an e-mail from …收到来自…的邮件
3next weekend下周末
4buy some new clothes买些新衣服
5on Chinese New Year's Eve在除夕/大年夜
6give me red packets给我红包
7watch a lion dance看舞狮
8watch fireworks看烟花
9cook dumplings煮饺子
10on New Year's Day元旦
11Chinese New Year's Day大年初一
12Spring Festival春节
13the most important festival最重要的节日
14look at the cookbook看菜谱
15watch a dragon dance看舞龙
16best wishes最好的祝愿

Sentence time 核心句子

1Chinese New Year is coming. I'm very excited.中国农历新年即将到来。我很激动。
2It's going to be Chinese New Year next week.下周是中国新年。
3My family and I are going to buy some new clothes and food tomorrow.我和我的家人明天将要去买一些衣服和食物。
4In the evening, we're going to make some cakes and tangyuan.在晚上,我们将要做一些蛋糕和汤圆。
5At Chinese New Year, we're going to have dinner with our relatives.在中国新年,我们将要和亲戚一起吃正餐。
6They are going to give me red packets on Chinese New Year's Day.他们将在中国新年给我红包。
7What are you going to do at Chinese New Year?在新年你要做什么?
8Christmas is the most important holiday in the UK.在英国,圣诞节是最重要的节假日。
9Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China. We also call it "Spring Festival".农历新年是中国最重要的节日。我们也称它为“春节”。
10Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in the US.感恩节在美国是一个很重要的节日。
11These flowers are for you with my best wishes.这些花是送给你的,代表了我们最诚挚的祝福。

Grammar time 语法重点

1. bo going to 一般将来时

bo going to do 是一般将来时结构之一,表示将要发生的动作或存在的状态及打算、计划或准备做某事。

bo going to 后跟动词原形,句中一般有以下时间状语:tomorrow, next day(week, month, year...),soon(不久),tomorrow morning 等。

本单元学习 be going to ... 结构的特殊疑问句及肯定句。如

  • We are going to have a party next Monday.
  • I'm going to see my grandparents this week.
  • Is he going to play football tomorrow?
  • Who is she going to play with?


Mike is going to play football with Liu Tao tomorrow.


  1. What is going to do with Liu Tao tomorrow?
  2. Who is going to play football with Liu Tao tomorrow?
  3. When is Mike going to play football with Liu Tao?
  4. Who is Mike going to play football with tomorrow?

2. 介词 in on at 修饰时间的用法

我们在不同的时间前面使用 inonat ,来表示做事情的时间。

in一天中的早、中、晚in the morning / afternoon / evening
月份in January / February / March / April / June / July / August / September / October / November / December
季节in spring / summer / autumn / winter
in 2008 / 2012 / 2100
on星期on Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday
某一天on 1 September
某一天的早、中、晚on a cold morning / Sunday afternoon
特定的节日(一天)on Children's Day
at某一时刻at 4:15
年龄at 12(years old)